Features and Benefits With Natural Realignment

Spinal decompression devices, help with stretch to free nerve root tissue and allow vertebral disc to realign into the natural 20 degree curve of the cervical spine.

Boost productivity

Regardless of whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, or owner, your job is already an every day challenge.

Imagine how aggravating it is having to move around, communicate with others, attend meetings, or even hunching over the workbench when your back is killing you with pain.

And if you work on the computer leaning over it can be extremely unpleasant.

Neck Traction Device can instantly alleviate neck pain.

Relieves sensitive nerves

All-day long, the back muscles and lumbar vertebrae must hold up the head. When combined with the twisting and bending of daily activities, it creates lots of pressure on the nerves, especially if the vertebrae are out of alignment.

The pain can be debilitating and very intense.

Removing the pressure from the nerve is the only way to stop the excruciating pain.

The Neck Traction Device gently decompresses the spine. You’ll feel immediate relief as the nerves stop being pinched by the bones and muscles in your back.

Helps with variety of conditions

People with cervicall conditions will benefit from using Neck Traction Device because the traction reverses the force of gravity. It is most commonly used to treat:

  1. Herniated (bulging) discs in the neck
  2. Neck muscle strains
  3. Arthritis in the neck joints
  4. Cervical muscle spasms
  5. Radiculopathy
  6. Cervical spondylosis
  7. Pinched nerves
  8. Very simple to adjust and control 

Unlike with other device which don't have enough traction power or lack of controlled traction, with Neck Traction Device - you're in control all the time.

As soon as you activate the traction mechanism, you can adjust it to your liking. Without ever over-doing it. 

Wear it Anywhere  

Unlike neck traction devices which are made for home use or electrical back traction devices which need to be used while laying down, Neck Traction Device can be used anywhere.

While working, travelling or just relaxing at home.